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Took a bit of a break from the internet to start my first quarter of school, but now that's done! I hope I don't have a siesta like this next quarter; at the very least, I do have a few cool things to upload, so I'll try and make up for my absence.

But! This is a very much belated art trade. Squid drew me a surprise trade quite a while back, so here's her character Julius in return. He's probably a bit too old in this picture, since the neck slicey-dicey fun happened before he was all grown up (shoulda just drawn him as a proper adult so I could have painted his pretty scars in)...but aside from my off-model woes, I really do like this. Wasn't feeling the picture too much at first with the really thin-lined experimental style, but the colors revived it.

Anyway, I'll be around a bit more in the coming weeks, and hopefully after I return to school later on. Leaving first thing tomorrow for my first ever solo plane ride, so if I survive that I'll make sure to get some more stuff up in a week or two--I've been busy, and I'm especially excited to show you all the 24 hour comic I did recently!
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shaharaj Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Mmh, these colors on his skin~

Loving the contrast of the red with purples and grays :heart:
ChimeraReiax Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh my o3o this looks excellent. I love the little paint stroke kind of overlay you got there~

I kinda feel cool for being able to see how this was before it was finished *runs and hides away*

but srsly awesome job, I wish I had a lot to say about this but it's 1 AM and I just like everything about this ;w; keep being awesome at art plis. :heart:
JynxedJoker Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Student General Artist

And oooh man your colors are looking better!  Can't wait to see all the cool stuff you did at your fancy-pants art school!
flatw00ds Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm gonna stick around--you ain't gettin' rid of me!

And thanks! I didn't have a ton of time to make digital art while I was gone, so I've been trying tho push each individual piece further.
squidlifecrisis Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
SNOW!! ahh this is so lovely! :iconluvluvplz:  I love the brushstrokes gahh you're just way too good at coloring ;_; 

aw man no i love that, freedom of speech... as long as you're okay with someone always listening!!

also this makes me happy because medical procedures =/= gore, but I want both, dammit

we'll do more trades in the future, don't worry, you'll get to draw his scar........... c:<

Good luck with the plane ride and I can't wait to see your other things!  I MISS YOUR ART YOU BIG MEANIE YOU'VE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON US
flatw00ds Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
 I AM GLAD YOU LIKE IT :iconasdfghplz: Everything kinda came together at the end for this one, I actually had it open on and off for about two weeks before deciding it looked finished.

the fact that properly conducted medical business is often bloodless is a true tragedy for my artistic side, lemme tell ya

And yes. Yes we will. As soon as I get my computer situation sorted out, I will have until January 2nd to dick around with personal projects, so I hope you're down for some art trades! C8 And since I fortunately lived through my plane trip, I shall be uploading some other artsy stuff posthaste.
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November 21, 2013
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